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Thoughts n Beyond is a platform to bring back your lost “Belief in Yourself”. The aim is to know Yourself, Accept Yourself, Analyse and Bring desired changes and Maintain it well.


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I am a Counseling Psychologist professionally. However, this ability in me has been innate. I never started my education and career to be a Counseling Psychologist in the first place.  I had great interest in Psychology as a subject. I graduated in Psychology, Post Graduated in English and finally Bachelors in Education.

Our Core Belief

A client’s consent for counseling is of utmost importance. The individual must be open to counseling and not be forced or under any pressure. It doesn’t work that way. 
For the best outcomes, we practice the policy of consent in which the client must be availing the counseling services at her/her own sweet will. We go ahead when it’s a ‘YES’.

Just like a doctor can’t treat you without knowing the exact problem or symptoms, similarly a Counseling Psychologist needs an open and clear communication with the client. It works out the best when all is shared without any hesitation. Of course, it takes time to build that rapport. We support you entirely for the same. 

You and your information is safe with us. Complete Confidentiality is maintained. It’s a work ethic and we follow it with complete caution. However, in exceptional scenarios, the confidentiality ceases if there’s a threat to the individual’s safety & security being dealt with or as per the law and order of the country. Not to be considered for medical/legal purposes. 

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A Wonderful life coach and a Counselor

Ms. Aarsh is a wonderful life Coach and counselling person. She has the insight to understand the situation of any employee in the blink of an eye and give solutions that are easy to work on.Her way is so simple and easy that the other moment everyone is smiling and forget the negative side of any situation and willing to get back to work .She is a dynamic personality and keep everyone motivated and her positivity is infectious that whoever attends her session keep longing to have more interactions with her.She connects life and work with Spirituality and help everyone view their track of life . Guides everyone that how to balance work and family and stay calm and contented .She has a vision to help everyone progress and at the same time help a colleague in distress to lift up his morale without having negative vibes and helping each one to work as teamThank you Aarsh for everything you do.

Dr. Meenakshi

Planet Ayurveda ( Corporate Client )

Thank you for being a great mentor

Thank you for being a great mentor. I remember your unconditional support in our difficult times. Be it career guidance or personal, you were always there just a call away. You are a great listener. May god bless you and give you strength for helping out more people.. 
It has always been a pleasure to interact with you whenever I found things wavering at my end. However, I have learnt a lot to deal with things myself now which is a great achievement. Thank you.
Highly recommended!!



Thanks Aarsh Mam for Your Guidance.

Aarsh Ma’am was patient and calm while hearing me out. I never felt invalidated talking to her, she always understood what I had to say. She was extremely helpful in helping me find out soulutions to my problems in tough times. Because of her I can help deal with problems in a positive and healthier way. She was extremely professional and kept our conversations confidential, which made me trust and open up with her easily. I made progress with my mental health as I talked to her and I am grateful to her for that.


( Student )

She is an important and incredible guide.

Sometimes when you think there is no-one to share your feelings with even if you sit in a place full of people, is the worst type of pain you go through. Sometimes in life you need more than a friend, a person who can show you the right path because you are so drenched in pain within yourself that you can’t see the light above you. During such moments of my life, Aarshdeep Ma’am has been an important and incredible guide for me. I used to have anxiety and panic attacks, whenever I used to feel low and negative about myself, I would overthink about everything. Discussing my problems with her and following her strategies each time helped me rebuild confidence and positivity that I thought I would have never been able to achieve otherwise. My experiences with her have brought so much positivity in life.

Shifa Chaudhary

( Student )


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