For Schools, Colleges and other Educational Institutions

Students are a country’s greatest asset. The more we invest in them, the better the country grows.

Keeping the above in mind, we organize group sessions for students of all age groups at school, college and university level pertaining to different areas of life.

Instilling Life Skills at an early age is an important aspect in a child’s overall development and supports for all future endeavors. It creates the awareness and builds the capacity to cope up with the hardships of life. Most importantly, during student life, one’s mind is shaped differently with every passing grade.


Right information at the right age can create all the Difference!

Our sessions are based on healthy and open communication pattern with lots of interaction involved providing students to gain inputs and share their experiences/fears/thoughts at the same time. Even the sensitive topics are touched with decency. We believe in impacting lives gracefully, even if one is transformed out of the whole lot, we feel accomplished.

Sometimes, it’s just a word, phrase, sentence or moment that clicks so well and is enough to bring a complete transformation!!

Group sessions on several relevant topics that are need of the hour are taken up for students of all age groups collectively.

Some common topics are:

Know Thyself Body & Mind – The Biggest Assets
Self Love or Being Selfish The Power of Gratitude
Dealing with Peer Pressure Confident Me
Child Parent relationship issues and ways to deal with them Coping up with Anxiety & Stress
Being Goal Oriented Knowing one’s emotional needs and coping mechanisms
Work Life Balance My Happiness and I
Importance of Mental Health Body Shaming
Budding relationships amongst adolescents Self control
Sessions on Puberty and Masturbation Tailor-made sessions as per the client

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