Dealing with Anxiety, Stress & Depression


Just like we keep our home, office, cupboards and other spaces clean and declutter what’s not required, similarly we need to do the same for our Mind.. It helps in creating space for the new. Let the new come in…. Create the space for it.

‘You can’t pour into something, if it’s already full…..’

>For that cleanse, sometimes all we need is to vent out our emotional baggage and let the thoughts flow so that we release the burden of the unwanted stressful thought pattern that has been troubling for long. Just by doing so, we are giving ourselves an opportunity to come out of the cocoon and be ready to spread wings and take the next higher flight. A flight of freedom from one’s own caged thoughts, fears and mindsets into the horizon of new thoughts, positive vibes, attracting and creating abundance into one’s life.

Life can put us through hard times any day, any moment.

It takes a lot of courage, strength and support to deal with hard times. There can be failure in business, monetary loss, relationship stress, loss of a loved one and so on…..

Constantly being in such state of sadness and worry may cause anxiety, stress or depression which ultimately may lead to health issues and medication.

‘Nip in the bud’ should be the mantra. The moment you feel stuck, not able to get back to normalcy, take an instant call and seek help. Avoidance may lead to severe outcomes.


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