About Us

Thoughts n Beyond…

Thoughts n beyond is a platform to bring back your lost “Belief in Yourself”. The aim is to know Yourself, Accept Yourself, Analyse and Bring desired changes and Maintain it well.

We are no Magicians!!
You yourself hold the Magic wand…..

We are just a source that act as a mediator to support you in meeting and knowing your ‘Inner Power/Potential’ which has been hidden, lost or unknown to you for long.
We provide you with the guidance and mentorship, understanding of one’s own self, initial handholding towards your progress to evolve as a better version of yourself.
We all come across a lot of issues in our day to day life. In this fast paced lifestyle, we keep rushing from one situation to another, without resolving the ones that cause us hurt emotional setbacks, feeling low, cause anxiety, stress and depression, finally depriving us of happiness and keep us away from being our true authentic happy selves. Sometimes, residue of the past traumas, which might seem healed at the surface level but deep within its remains lay and bother us without ourselves being aware of it.

aarsh PURI